Are you worried about your health and well-being? Unsure which superfood to include in daily diet?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. With the number of options available in the market, it has become increasingly difficult to choose the right supplement for yourself. There are so many green superfoods available in the market which promises essential nutrients while taking care of your overall health that it has become hard to choose.

A green superfood is not only good for providing your body with nutrition but can also help in improving your mood and offer you several cognitive benefits.

It has become important to take care of yourself with regular exercise and a good diet and including a green superfood is the best way to take care of that. These superfoods can help you lose weight by ensuring that you get the right vegetables and fruits in your body without having to purchase them separately.

It is all included in these superfoods which makes it an effective and easy way to provide your body with a nutrient-rich diet.

In this article, we will be comparing two such effective superfoods which have become quite popular these days: Organifi Green Juice and Green Vibrance.

Once you are done reading this article, you will have a better idea about the benefits and drawbacks of these two products which will make it easier for you to choose.

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice is a superfood available in dry powder form which can be mixed with drinks to be consumed every day in a quick and efficient manner. This green juice consists of many essential ingredients like turmeric, ashwagandha, moringa oleifera, and so on which help in improving your cognitive function and aid in stress relief as well.

It not only provides you with essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. but the ingredients also help in improving your immunity, rejuvenation, balancing hormones, and so on. This is an ideal green juice for all kinds of diet as it is gluten free, soy free, and GMO-free.

In fact, if you are a vegan then this is probably one of the best green juices to include in your diet. Its ease of use and high nutritional value makes it an effective superfood to include in your diet.

Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance comes in the most popular green powders which are available online and is effective as a replacement for multivitamins. It is made up of pulverized plants so it can often act as a supplement for vegetables and fruits as well which makes it a solid supplement to include in your diet.

One of the best things about Green Vibrance is that it lists down the quantity of each ingredient in its single-serving which makes it easier to plan your diet.

Green Vibrance contains more ingredients than the Organifi Green Juice which is why this superfood drink is often known as a high-value supplement. It also includes 25 billion probiotic bacteria and many other ingredients which help in improving your heart health and reducing inflammation.

Apart from taking care of your heart, this superfood also helps in improving your live and digestive health and is taken as a multivitamin or food substitute.

Comparison between Organifi Green Juice and Green Vibrance

As we already mentioned, Organifi Green Juice and Green Vibrance superfoods are effective and nutrient-rich supplements which can help with the overall health of an individual. However, both of these superfoods have their own pros and cons which one must consider when making a choice.

In terms of Price

If we were to compare these two superfoods on the basis of their price then Organifi Green Juice will undoubtedly turn out to be the costlier of the two. A 30-serving packet of Organifi Green Juice comes out to be around $70 which means that it will cost you around $2 per serving. Also, since this is the only size available you don’t have much of a choice.

Green Vibrance is comparatively cheaper if you purchase its 60-serving packet. Its 30-serving packet comes around to approximately $45 which would mean $1.5 per serving which isn’t much less compared to Organifi Green Juice.

However, the 60-serving packet will cost you approximately $70 which means $1 per serving which is really a great offer. So, in terms of price Green Vibrance is a clear winner.

In terms of Ingredients

Both Organifi Green Juice and Green Vibrance contain some similar ingredients like spirulina, chlorella, and wheatgrass which are essential components of most green superfoods in the market.

Organifi Green Juice is made up of organic ingredients and consists of only ten key ingredients to keep its composition simple and effective. It blends together two proprietary blends which include the ingredients like spirulina, matcha green tea, chlorella, horseradish tree leaf, wheat grass, ashwagandha, coconut water, turmeric, and red beet.

The alkaline proprietary blend and the superfood proprietary blend along with mint and lemon make up the Organifi Green Juice.

There is one drawback with Organifi that since it uses proprietary blends, it is not possible to know the exact quantity of each of the available ingredient. As a result, you cannot determine the quantity of ingredient that your body is getting in each serving although you do know that alkaline greens make up 5.1 g while superfood greens make up 1.45 g.

You can get a rough idea of the quantity because the ingredients are mentioned in the descending order of their quantity but it is still not helpful.

Now, Green Vibrance is better in the ingredients quantity department as it displays the accurate weight of each of the ingredient and the nutritional label that you would get in a single serving. Also, it is not limited to just 10 ingredients, it contains dozens of ingredients which comprises of vegetables, fruits, herbs, algae, and so on.

Green Vibrance includes ten major blends, which is more than most of the superfoods available in the market and is a great source of antioxidants, digestive enzymes, probiotics bacteria, and so on.

These blends include Cereal Grass, Immune Support, Adaptogens, Fiber, Probiotics, Skeletal Support, Enzymes & Tonics, Liver Support, Antioxidant Life Preservers, and Plant-Based Micro Nutrition.

One serving of Organifi contains 25 calories, 2g protein, 0g fat, and 4g carbs whereas a single serving of Green Vibrance provides you with 40 calories, 7g carbs, 2g protein, 2g fiber, and 0.5g fat. Clearly, Green Vibrance is a better option if you want to get a wider range of ingredients and nutritional value in a single serving.

In terms of Taste

If you are looking for a better-tasting green superfood then Organifi will be your obvious winner. Due to the presence of lime and mint, it offers a pleasant mint flavour to the users, which is both delicious and refreshing.

Green Vibrance lacks in the taste section but you can’t term it as an awful flavour. It has a strong grassy taste with a touch of peppery flavour which is much milder when compared to other green superfoods. However, if you add it to orange juice then I am sure you would not even detect its grassy peppery flavour anymore.

In terms of Efficiency

While taste, price, and ingredients are important to consider, the most important thing that a green superfood should provide you with is effectiveness. Both the superfoods have amazing ingredients which help in providing you with necessary nutrition, but Green Vibrance tends to provide you with more effectiveness than the Organifi Green Juice.

This is because Green Vibrance contains a lot of ingredients which will supply you with the required vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, and so on. Also, all these ingredients are proven to work as the product claims which is a rare thing in the superfoods industry.

This greens powder contains the highest quantity of vitamins and minerals and its one scoop can give you Vitamin D3, C, K, B12, selenium, etc.

Its packaging includes all the ingredients used in this greens powder and their precise weight as well so that you know the quantity present in each serving. This greens powder provides you nutrition for staying fit and also helps in improving your immunity, digestion and also aids in your circulation.

It also includes sunflower lecithin which can help in improving your cognitive abilities and many of the antioxidants present in this powder will help in improving your liver health. This is one greens powder which rightly claims all the functions and then delivers it which is why it is one of the best products available in the market.

It also has a similar quantity of wheatgrass, spirulina, and chlorella as Organifi and has additional ingredients like astragalus which is known to be advantageous for your heart health and inflammation issues.

Apart from that, it also contains adaptogens like basil eleuthero root which will help in your cognitive function. One remarkable feature of Green Vibrance is that it contains 25 billion probiotics bacteria which can not only help in improving your digestive health but is also found useful in boosting immunity and mental health.

On the other hand, Organifi Green Juice doesn’t contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and only consists of small doses of sodium, calcium, and iron which is not enough to act as a vitamin and mineral supplement.

The only saving grace for this green juice is that it contains antioxidant ingredients and ashwagandha which helps in detoxification of your body and improving your cognitive abilities.

Yes, it does offer you with around 5g of nutrient-rich greens which contain a lot of antioxidants and are helpful in improving your immunity. It also comprises of red beet which helps in liver function but you can never know the exact amount of red beet present which makes it difficult to calculate the right serving amount for maximum effectiveness.

Another important ingredient of this green juice is ashwagandha which helps in reducing stress and improving your cognitive function but again the correct serving cannot be determined as the ingredient quantity is not mentioned on the packaging.

So, if you are looking for a superfood to help you relax and de-stress then Organifi Green Juice should certainly be your pick but for the improvement of your overall health, Green Vibrance will the best pick.


Let’s face it, Green Vibrance is packed with ingredients which will help in improving your heart, liver, brain, immune, and digestive health at a considerably low price. Although the taste might not be as pleasant as Organifi Green Juice, this greens powder is still the best supplement choice in the market.

However, if you are looking for an ashwagandha supplement or something that would help you relieve stress then Organifi Green Juice would be a better choice.