Juicing is probably the best way to provide your body with a full package of vitamins and minerals. Juices somehow can be considered as a meal replacement because we have the easy access to this nutrient-rich formula.

Usually, we prefer adding veggies to our juice because having a lot of fruits can make the sugar content high. Beets are carrots are two important veggies, which are naturally sweet and don’t require many fruits to make the taste better.

So, here we are with an easy-to-make green juice recipe where you just need to add iron-rich spinach with green apple, parsley, ginger, cucumber and lemon. Every ingredient comes with its individual properties, which we have discussed below. Have a look.

How to make Green Detox Juice

On a whole, you may find two kinds of juicers on the market- slow juicers also known as macerating and centrifugal juicers. So, the slow juicers gently press down the fruits and vegetables until you get perfectly pressed out juice and don’t worry about the fibrous pulp, it’ll fall into another container.

With a centrifugal juicer, you need to chop down fruits and vegetables and the machine will spin it quickly until your juice separates from the pulp.

Make refreshing green detox without adding artificial sweeteners.

Centrifugal juicers are quite affordable. There was discussion regarding the spinning mechanism that the heat produced by it can break down enzymes. But altogether, this juicer is not able to get as much juice out of the produce, which clearly states that the production cost might increase.

On the other hand, if you use Omega juicer, you don’t have to think about anything else. And after all, it’s really important to use a high-quality juicer when it comes to juicing because a blender is not just enough for it.

Health Benefits and Goodness of this Green Drink

Green Apple

It is our natural and best sweetener for green juices, which helps to balance out any bitterness in the greens. They are quite cheaper and if juiced with not peeling off the skin, they are absolutely rich in vitamin A and C and potassium.

Green apple is one of the best natural sweeteners for green juices.


Not only this, but they break down toxins, helps in good digestion and also lowers down cholesterol. Remember, before you add it in the juice throw out the apple seeds as they are not good for the body. 


Parsley comes with a bag full of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, B, C, E and K, potassium, iron and magnesium. The flavour of this antioxidant is pretty strong but adding a few of its stems and leaves will provide you with an amazing green colour and fresh taste.

 Parsley, full of nutrients, give your green juice a better taste and color.

When juiced with cucumber, lemon and apple it can be a perfect combination.


Spinach is the real powerhouse rich in iron. It can provide double the benefits as compared to other greens. It is easily available and in your budget, which can go nicely with your juices. Its taste is very mild and makes a perfect pair with different fruits and vegetables.

 Spinach is an alkalizing ingredient, which is a great source of iron.

This alkalizing ingredient is rich in a number of important vitamins and minerals.


Cucumber is a great source of vitamin A, B complex and C and folic acid. It helps in cell hydration, maintains body temperature and eases inflammation. The silica content present in cucumber is all you need to get rid of skin problems, hair loss and it even makes your nails strong.

Having cucumber is the best way to hydrate the body.

Adding cucumber gives a mild taste to your juice and also adds mineral-rich water to it.


Lemons are just perfect when it comes to a better immune system as they are rich in vitamin C, B6 and potassium. Say hello to pretty skin because it comes with superb antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

Lemons are really important for a stronger immune system.

It is a highly alkalizing ingredient and vitamin C can even absorb some of the iron present in greens. 


Gingers are really beneficial when added to juices, which comes with amazing anti-inflammatory effects, also helps in proper digestion and alleviate bloating. You don’t have to peel the ginger while adding it to your juice.

Adding ginger is the ideal way to fight inflammation.

If you cannot tolerate the spicy quality of ginger, add a little amount in first go.