Food supplements have become an important part of daily diet. But it is very important to check if a specific superfood is healthy enough for the body or not. The Living Green Supreme Food made by Dr. Don Colbert tried his best to provide a perfect blend of all the organic foods in one box.

We have done a research and found if the formula is actually perfect or can be of any advantage to the health. Let’s have a look at the review and see what exactly this superfood is and what it can do for you.

What is Living Green Supreme Food?

Like other green formulas, Living Green Supreme Food is an all-natural superfood powder that helps to supply important nutrients and phytonutrients to the body. A company known as Divine Health founded by Dr. Don Colbert made this powder. The 16 essential ingredients present in this formula helps to detox and provides antioxidants to the body. The ingredients are present in the form of fruits and vegetables, grasses, and algae. Not only this but this superfood also makes your immune system stronger, helps in good digestion, and undoubtedly uplift your energy levels.

Living Green Supreme Food Ingredients

The ingredients present in the Living Green Supreme Food is divided into 7 categories and each category has its own benefit.

Fibre Blend: A perfect blend of flaxseed and acacia gum provides around 2.5 grams of soluble fiber with each serving. Flaxseed is responsible for supplying fatty acids, Omega 3’s and fiber. On the other hand, acacia gum mixes the powder properly and is responsible for good texture. Though, there is still a doubt if the fiber (2.5 grams per serving) present in it is really helpful for the body or not.

Organic Greens Blend: As the name says greens, you get a picture of leafy greens in mind. But no, organic greens blend is actually devoted to grasses and algae. It offers you over 2 grams of organic spirulina and organic chlorella. In addition to this, it also contains algae and fermented grass blend.

These fermented foods not just add benefits to your gut health but also doubles it. It is also beneficial in the form of promoting friendly bacteria. However, what are the exact ingredients are present in the fermented foods and also not a common thing for other green formulas to have it, so cannot really say if it is beneficial or not.

Organic Vegetable Blend: The vegetable category is rich in organic carrots, spinach, broccoli, beets, and parsley. The stuff present in it is all organic and good for health but is not evident in which form it is present. It would be better if juice extracts were present in it.

Organic Fruit Blend: The fruit category is rich in organic apple, cranberry, raspberry, acerola cherry and blueberry. All the ingredients are advantageous for the health and present in the form of powders. But again, it would be much more beneficial if the ingredients were in the form of juice extracts.

Prebiotics and Probiotics: The green formula contains a good 550 mg of probiotics in it but what is the source of probiotics is not mentioned here. So, it might be possible that it doesn’t suit any individual’s immune system.

Organic Botanical Blend: This is section a wonderful blend of herbs, which is very important for cleansing, energy, and antioxidants. Don’t worry, the complete blend is just around 250 milligrams.

Enzymes: Here comes the digestive enzymes, one the main elements of any green formula. The section contains 100 mg of lipase, amylase, cellulose, bromelain, and protease. Again, the exact measurement is not mentioned in the ingredients list but what really matters is the quality of the ingredients and that is present in this formula. It offers 8 grams per serving.

Let’s see what its side-effects are

Thus, it can cause bloating or indigestion.

cope up with certain ingredients thus, end up with some serious issues.

Not only side-effects, it has some benefits too

Although the product doesn’t tell about its exact amount of ingredients and exact sources, if you start taking it, you’ll definitely experience some great benefits after having it. Some of the perks are:

  • An ultimate formula that helps in the nourishment of the cells, as it breaks down excess fat and protein.
  • Superb detox that is responsible for the healthy functioning of the liver.
  • Lessens Oxidative Stress and also reduces the repercussions of oxygen toxicity.
  • Skin problems like Eczema, Ulcers, and Impetigo can also be cured.
  • Have this formula and stop worrying about your liver. It will take care of the liver by preventing it from toxins.
  • Also helps in good digestion, cleanse and purify the digestive tract.
  • Helps in encouraging healthy organ functioning

How to use the Living Green Supreme Food

The green formula not only provides essential nutrients to the body but also phytonutrients. So, here are some easy and certain steps you need to follow in order to get the maximum benefit of it.

Take a measured amount of liquid, say 8 oz. and add one full scoop of the green powder in a glass. First, pour down a little amount of liquid in it and stir to get a smooth mixture and now add the remaining liquid to it.

Stir the mixture properly or otherwise, it will settle down at the bottom.

Having this formula can enhance your immunity and helps prevent cancer.

Living Green Supreme Food Alternative

Clearly visible from the facts discussed above that there are more apathetic reviews about the product. So comparing with any other product will be little unfair. Still, if you are looking for any other options in the market, you can try Athletic Greens or Patriot Power Greens.