Oh, so you have read about that green juices are really favourable for your health and since these green juices are in trend you also want to add it in your daily diet. But are you aware of how to make it and most importantly how to consume it?

Yes, the way you drink your green juice matter a lot and makes it less or more beneficial for the body. So, before you start juicing, here are 5 crucial tips you need to keep in mind.

It comes first

There’s no doubt in it that green juice is one of the best foods, which are extremely easy-to-digest. In fact, green juices are one thing that goes directly into your bloodstream without troubling your digestive system.

But if you have already eaten your meal and then having your green juice you might some difficulties and this easy-to-digest food might become hard to digest.

Having green juice on an empty is much beneficial for the body because the nutrients go directly into your bloodstream.

By the time, the green juice will dilute the food and your digestion becomes unexpectedly inefficient.

But there’s a solution, you should have your green juice as the first meal of your day except for water or 30-45 minutes after you have some fruits. Simply follow this rule and you can get maximum of benefits.

It’s a breakfast replacement

Not just these green juices come with excellent nutritional value or you go for them instead of green smoothies, they also give your digestion system a break. Green juices can be easily taken as your first meal of the day and believe it or not, but you’ll definitely have that sense of satisfaction and you’ll feel nourished even if you haven’t eaten anything.

It can be a superb substitute for a fibre-full meal, which is beneficial for the digestive system and makes you feel energised.

Green juice can be considered as an excellent breakfast replacement. 

Sometimes, your three meals a day doesn’t provide you what you have been expecting from it and just put a burden on your digestive system. Again, we have a solution for this too. If you take your dinner little early and don’t go hog-wild, a light breakfast would be enough for you.

If you love to show aggression while exercising, it’s really important that your tissues should be replenished with adequate protein, and green juice is not enough alone.

So it would be suitable if you have a small and easy-to-digest meal. One should never skip their breakfast and trust us nothing is better than a green juice.

Wait to drink it

We are going to share a golden tip with you, never make your green juice at correct 9:00 am or any other given time, instead wait for the right time your body asks for. It can be any time in the entire day. If you force your body to take the meal because you think it is the correct time then you might not understand what it means to be hungry.

Drink your green juice immediately after you make it.


Right after you wake up in the morning, drink maximum water you can. If you still feel that you want more, go for the green juice. Another situation is, if you had a heavy dinner last night, your body will probably ask for the green juice quite late in the day.

Those who have to leave early in the morning for the work should make their green juice, pour in a bottle and keep it with an ice pack so that you have it whenever you want it and of course, it will remain safe for a few hours.

It should not taste that good

Fruits are something that provides a good and delicious taste to your green juices. Keep them aside while making the juice because we are here to add only green leaves.

The green juice should not taste like you are having a fruit cocktail, rather than it should taste bad and more like greens and veggies.

Make sure you don't add fruits to your green juice.

You might find it difficult in the starting but you’ll crave it late. Make sure you are adding green leaves, celery, cucumber and carrots to your green juice and you can add lemon or ½ of green apple to make it a bit bearable so you can have it with joy.

It should not always be the same

Yes, it is true that your favourite green juice recipe always remains on the top your list but don’t get stuck to it. It is really important that you keep on rotating your greens because they can be as toxic as they are medicinal.

Keep experimenting with your green juices as they can be toxic after a point. 

If you keep on adding one type of green, you may end up building toxins in your body or it may cause any allergy.

So just remember that you should rotate your greens and that way you can provide your body with different nutritional values.