If you solemnly care about your body, take out a few minutes of your life and think about the importance of it. This wonderful creation or you can say a machine is formed with a number of different particles and every single particle come together and work as a whole that allows you to function properly.

Ask yourself, are you actually giving that importance to your body? In this fast-paced life where we are so much surrounded by stress, obligations and working environment that we somehow neglect our health.

Juicing is an excellent way that helps to detoxify your body and offers you a healthier diet. But while juicing try not to make some of these common mistakes in order to get most out of your experience.

Mistake 1: Not using organic fruits and veggies

This becomes really essential that you should have organic fruits and vegetables while juicing otherwise it means you are not only adding vitamins and minerals but also pesticide residue left on the plants.

Organic fruits and vegetables are much healthier when added to green juice. 

Some people believe that the juicers automatically filter out pesticides (in case of unlabelled produce) and as we all know that these juices are water-soluble so the body can diminish them easily. But that’s not true and also you don’t need to add any grief while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mistake 2: Not drinking green juice on an empty stomach

There’s a great benefit when you drink green juice on an empty stomach, it allows vitamins and minerals to go directly into your bloodstream.

Drinking green juice on a empty stomach is a blessing for the body as all the essential nutrients go directly and instantly to your bloodstream.

If you consume it on an already filled stomach, your body might respond late in absorbing the green juice. Just remember this golden secret, wait for around 2 hours after a meal to have your green juice and for 30 minutes after having the green juice.

Mistake 3: Waiting too long to drink it

Drink your green juice immediately after you make it because when the green juice is exposed to air, the living enzymes present in it starts degrading, which ultimately reduce the nutritional value.

Keeping the green juice for too long and not drinking it right away only increases the growth of bacteria in it.

In case, you cannot have it right away, store your green juice in an air-tight container and keep it in the fridge till you have it. It is recommended not to take raw and unpasteurized juices because it becomes warm and increase the growth of bacteria.

Mistake 4: Leaving your juicer dirty

Most often when we are in a hurry, we left the appliance unclean and doing so we are simply inviting bacteria to sit on it. No matter how messy your juicer is or how difficult it is to clean it, get it done properly.

If you do not want to let the goodness of your juice go unnecessarily, then clean your juicer daily as it will stop the bacterial growth in it.

The best way to keep it hygienic, clean the juicer right after you use it. If you are getting really, just soak it in the water until you came back and clean it. It will help to stop the bacterial growth and also keeps the juicer clean.

Mistake 5: Treating your green juice as a complete meal

If you are on a juice fast, it is suggested to take it as a snack or supplement. If you consider green juice as one complete meal, it would be beneficial for just a few days.

Taking green juice as one complete meal is super beneficial for the body. 


First, doing so will help you to absorb the nutrients in a better way, and will hold back your sugar cravings to ensure that you choose a healthy, plant-rich meal instead of something heavy.

But if you seriously want to make your green juice ONE COMPLETE meal. Follow this given recipe and for making this wonderful green juice you’ll need:

  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • Protein powder or supergreen powder
  • ¼ cups of fresh pressed coconut, it is optional
  • A handful of sprouted nuts and seeds
  • ½ avocado

Adding these ingredients to your juice is quite enough for a meal.